For those looking to reduce hair loss or accelerate hair growth, there is now a revolutionary product on the market that can help. The product is called AnaGain and it works by stimulating specific signalling molecules in dermal papilla cells, which then promotes faster, healthier hair growth. Let’s take a look at how AnaGain works and what it does to reduce hair loss and accelerate hair growth.

How AnaGain Works

AnaGain works by stimulating two key signalling molecules in dermal papilla cells: Noggin and FGF7. These molecules are essential for promoting the development of new hairs, as well as for maintaining their healthy structure. Clinical trials have shown that when applied topically, these molecules can effectively reduce hair loss in both men and women, while also accelerating the growth of new hairs.

How AnaGain Reduces Hair Loss and Accelerates Hair Growth

AnaGain Nu reduces hair loss and accelerates hair growth through its effect on the scalp’s cellular matrix. It strengthens the scalp’s natural barrier against environmental factors that can cause damage or even lead to permanent hair loss. Additionally, its active ingredients work together to promote faster, healthier hair growth by directly stimulating the follicles responsible for growing new hairs. This helps reduce the amount of time between each phase of hair growth—from anagen (active growth) to catagen (transitional) to telogen (resting)—leading to thicker, fuller-looking locks in no time!

Healthy Hair With AnaGain™: An Innovative Solution to Hair Loss and Thicker, Stronger Strands!

For those dealing with hair loss or wanting to boost their hair growth, AnaGain™ Nu offers an innovative solution. Its natural ingredients are derived from the edible and organic pea shoots found in Pisum sativum, which helps to prevent further hair loss while stimulating existing follicles to grow thicker and stronger strands. With continual use of this simple yet highly effective product, users will enjoy healthier hair that gains strength and body. So don’t settle for less – try AnaGain™ in 360 Optimum Hair Capsules today!

Make Hair Loss a Thing of the Past with AnaGain: An Innovative Treatment for Thicker, Stronger Strands!

AnaGain is an amazing advancement in the treatment of hair loss, thanks to its unique ability to activate two key molecular components in the dermal papilla cells. By stimulating Noggin and FGF7, two signaling molecules that initiate hair growth, AnaGain helps reduce hair loss and accelerate new hair growth. This groundbreaking technology has revolutionized the way we approach restoring healthy and beautiful hair. It’s simple to use and highly effective — making it the perfect option for those seeking to take charge of their hair loss journey.

Regain Your Confidence with AnaGain: The Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment That Provides Thicker, Stronger Strands!

AnaGain is a powerful hair growth stimulant that has been clinically proven to reduce hair loss and accelerate growth in both men and women. Providing the best of both worlds, it can be used topically or orally, making it an effective solution for a range of users. The natural ingredients also make it suitable for dietary supplement applications, helping to ensure healthy hair growth. With its clinically tested efficacy, AnaGain is quickly becoming a go-to treatment for those looking to increase their rate of hair growth and reduce hair loss.

An Evidence-Based Bioassay Study Showed Significant Improvement in Hair Volume With Our Revolutionary Hair Care Solution

Gene expression analysis was conducted on plucked hair bulbs following a two week treatment with 2% AnaGain™. The study results showed an up-regulation of Noggin by 56% and FGF-7 by 85%. These results demonstrate that AnaGain™ is able to stimulate the dermal papilla to induce the growth of a new hair. 

Clinical Study Results Show Visibly Improved Hair Thickness in Just Two Months! Proven to Reduce Hair Loss by Up to 37%, It’s the Perfect Solution for Mild to Moderate Hair Loss.

The effects of AnaGain™ on hair loss were evaluated on a test panel comprising 21 volunteers suffering from mild to moderate hair loss. 100mg of AnaGain™ was taken on a daily basis by the volunteers in a drink of their choice for a period of two months. Hair loss counts were evaluated over three days – at the beginning of the study, following one month and after two months.

• AnaGain™ showed a statistically significant hair loss reduction after one month ( –34%) and two months ( –37%)

• Visibly improved hair density

• Volunteers noticed the hair loss reduction and wished to continue the application

Fight Hair Loss and Restore Youthful Strength with AnaGain: A Revolutionary Hair Care Product For All Ages!

• Anti-hair loss

• Hair re-growth

• Anti-aging and hair care 

Get Your Thicker, Stronger Strands Today With AnaGain: A Revolutionary Hair Care Solution For Men and Women of All Ages!

• Women with thinning hair

• Men with a tendency to lose hair in defined areas

• Men and women who lose more than 100 hairs per day


360 Optimum Hair Capsules with AnaGain is a revolutionary product for those looking to reduce hair loss or accelerate their own natural rate of hair growth. Its active ingredients stimulate specific signalling molecules in dermal papilla cells which then promote faster and healthier hair growth. Additionally, it strengthens the scalp’s natural barrier against environmental factors that can cause damage or even lead to permanent hair loss. Ultimately, AnaGain provides an effective solution for those wanting to look their best with thicker, fuller-looking locks without having to wait months on end!