Sophie Humphrey

Clinic Owner

Our lead consultant Sophie, also known as ‘That Hair Loss Expert’ has become one of the most trusted hair loss consultants in the UK, after helping thousands of patients with her logical, genuine and caring approach.

Every consultation and treatment progress assessment is carried out by Sophie, as well as some of the in clinic treatments including PRP therapy, laser therapy, phlebotomy and vitamin injections.

With a background in Beauty Therapy Sciences and Cosmetics, Sophie became a hair loss consultant in 2012 and has since studied with The Institute of Trichologists.

Sophie holds regulated qualifications in the below fields:

  • BTEC National Diploma in Beauty Therapy Sciences (Level 3)
  • Phlebotomy (Geopace, Level 3)
  • Trichology (Institute of Trichologists, Level 4)
  • Subdermal, Subcutaneous, Intramuscular Injections and Vaccinations (Geopace, Level 4)

She has observed many surgeries and has plans to train and become a hair transplant surgeon’s assistant by 2025.

Due to working with many hair transplant surgeons for over a decade Sophie can provide thorough advice, pre and post surgery.

Treatments and Services: Consultations, PRP Therapy, Laser Therapy, Vitamin Injections, Private Blood Draws (Phlebotomy)

From Sophie

“Hair Loss and witnessing the effects it can have on someone has been with me from a young age. As a teenager I witnessed my mother losing all of her hair due to undergoing chemotherapy treatment. I will never forget the exact moment that her hair started to fall, and the effect that it had on her confidence. Thankfully her treatment went well, and eventually her hair did return.

Androgenic Alopecia is common throughout my family history with the majority of males thinning or going bald in their 20’s and 30’s. This gave me the passion and drive to understand why this was happening and also to find the best treatments available so I could help others with similar experiences.

4 years in to my career in hair loss I experienced post-partum hair loss myself following the birth of my first son. Seeing handfuls of hair every time you wash or brush your hair can be a worrying experience, and although I knew exactly why it was happening and what I could do to treat it, it was still quite a distressing experience. 

I have used most of the treatments available myself to restore my once receding hair line to its original thickness.

My goal is to ensure that 360 Hair Clinic and 360 Optimum Hair are the trusted solutions for your Hair Loss concerns.

I pride myself on being sensitive, understanding, professional and knowledgeable. I offer every client a Free Consultation, after which they leave feeling educated and confident that they can choose the right treatment plan for their lifestyle. I will always be honest and manage a clients’ expectations, and I train my staff to adhere to the same ethos.

Outside of work (when time allows!) I enjoy keeping myself fit, and spending time with my young family.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, big or small, both myself and my team will always be happy to help.”


Role at 360: Senior Therapist

Treatments: Laser Therapy and Vitamin Injections

Ashley has a background in aesthetics and started her role as senior therapist at 360 Hair Clinic in 2023. Ashley has a wonderful caring nature and is loved by our patients, instantly putting them at ease and supporting you them through their ongoing treatment plan.

Ashley also has her own aesthetics business, Ashley Parish Aesthetics.

Specialising in profile balancing with dermal filler: lips, chin, cheeks and mid face rejuvenation. Other services include anti-wrinkle consultations, skin boosters, and fat dissolving.

Contact Ashley directly for any aesthetics treatment enquiries:


Role at 360: SMP Practitioner

Treatment: Scalp Micropigmentation

Emma started her career in hair loss in 2007. Her passion for helping those in need, and personal experiences witnessing the impact of hair loss, saw her evolve to become a practitioner, specialising initially in micropigmentation brows, focussing on alopecia and hair loss clients.

Having experimented with scalp hair loss techniques she was thrilled to see the evolution of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) begin and trained in the technique in 2014.

SMP quickly became the main treatment Emma offered, alongside other hair loss treatments, and her results combined with her knowledge led her to work with many other pioneers in this emerging industry. Her subsequent educational program is respected and emulated across the globe and her advice often sought from her peers within the hair loss industry as a whole, from surgeons and doctors to established micropigmentation artists and hair loss specialists, alongside her many students, as an educator at Finishing Touches Group.

Emma is a member of BAHRS (The British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons) and was invited to co-write their affiliate membership guidelines due to her knowledge, ethics and skills. Emma has also worked with leading manufacturers to evolve and innovate products and ranges for both practitioners and clients.

In more recent years Emma trained in Trichology to enable her to specialise in the treatment of scalp conditions as well as hair loss treatments and advice, offering a holistic approach to clinic hair loss.


Role at 360: PRP Practitioner

Treatment: Cellenis PRP Therapy

Dr Grahame Shaw. MBChB, BSc is registered with the GMC. Dr Shaw graduated with a degree in Applied Sports Science in 2000 before joining the Metropolitan Police Service.

In 2009 he began his medical training at Glasgow University, graduating in 2014. Dr Shaw has a background in general surgery, orthopaedics and plastics.

He left the NHS in 2019 to become a Medical Officer at Pirbright Medical Assessment Centre for Army Recruitment before taking on the role of Clinical Lead. However, he still enjoys occasionally working as a locum at the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead with the burns and plastics team where he was a Clinical Fellow.

Dr Shaw is a Harley Street-trained hair transplant surgeon who has had extensive experience in performing FUE procedures. He is passionate about his work and a key principle of his work ethic is to foster an atmosphere of empathy and understanding with his patients to make their experience a wholly positive one whilst achieving their desired results.

At 360 Hair Clinic Grahame offers Cellenis PRP Therapy, but he is also one of our partnered hair transplant surgeons offering hair transplant surgery in Lewes, near Brighton.


As with most hair transplant companies we do not list all our hair transplant surgeon’s details.
We work with surgeons in Brighton, London, Manchester, Essex and Istanbul.
Following a consultation, we will provide quotes for surgery including the surgeon’s bios, location, pricing, and portfolio.


We have gained some wonderful collaborative partnerships with the below practitioners who offer clinic days at 360 Hair Clinic.


Jaimie Wilson is an aesthetic nurse prescriber. She offers anti-wrinkle consultations, dermal fillers, fat dissolving and skin boosters with a bespoke and natural approach. Jaimie has 20 years nursing experience and trained with the prestige Derma Medical group in London.

Treatments: Dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle consultations, skin boosters, skin needling, filler dissolving, fat dissolving.

Contact Jaimie directly to enquire about booking in with her:


Ellie has been offering beauty therapy services since 2017. She has a passion for massage therapy and offers exclusive Sunday sessions a few days each month at 360 Hair Clinic.

Treatments: Full body and scalp massage, BIAB nails, brow wax and tint, lash lift.

Contact Ellie directly to enquire about booking in: